How Social Animal Can Help You Boost Your Organic Search Rankings

Although the most important thing you should have to get organic rankings is quality content. External backlinks should not be underestimated.

There have been multiple studies that indicate a connection between content rank and the number of external backlinks a website possesses.

Backlinko (2019) Google Rankbrain: The definitive guide.

Backlinks basically serve as votes for if your content is worth being on the first page of search engines. The more authority the website has the more vote is worth.

In other words, if you’re stuck on the second, third or even later pages you’re going to have to start building links to your content.

Luckily Social Animal can help with that and I’ll show you why if you keep reading.

How does the process of Link Building work?

There are two ways to build links you can either go on the offense and actively look for websites to build links or take a defensive stand and create extremely high-quality content people themselves will link to.

The 3 Steps to going on the offense with Link building:

  1. Find a website with high authority in your niche
    As I’ve said before you need to find websites with high authority because their links are worth more to search engines.
  2. Contact
    Pro-actively establish a line of communication with these websites.
  3. Agreement
    Find out if they’re willing to mention you on their website.

Here’s how you can generate 1056 links from the biggest sites in the world.

The 3 steps to taking the defensive route:

  1. Create “Link magnets”
    Create high-quality content that’s engaging, practical, and entertaining.
  2. Get Exposure
    You can do this with content marketing, search engine marketing, and more.
  3. Receive organic backlinks
    Let people link back to your content without establishing a line of communication.

It’s a very simple process but it all starts with finding high authority websites willing to link to you.

This is where Social Animal can be of value.

How Can Social Animal Find Websites with high authority?

Social Animal is a content marketing tool that through its content research features can help optimize your content marketing campaigns.

Websites with high authority are pretty easy to spot if you have the tools to find them.

Social Animal’s features can be a huge help when it comes to finding websites with authority. So let’s look at a few methods social animal can help:

  1. Find out what’s trending with Social Animal and create “link magnets”

As I’ve said before link magnets have to be extremely high-quality content that makes websites want to link to it. It has to be useful, engaging, and most important of all relevant.

The best way to find out what’s relevant is by looking at what’s trending. Sure you can look at your Facebook wall, YouTube trending, and other social platforms but you’re going to waste a lot of time going through content that isn’t in your niche.

Social Animal has a feature with which you can see exactly what’s trending on social media at the moment and filter out anything that’s not relevant to your niche.

You can find everything you need to know backed up by statistics within seconds.

  1. Target popular websites that already have content similar to yours by using Social Animal

Use the “ Articles” feature to find high performing articles that are similar to yours and the websites that created them.

Make a list and find out how old these websites are. The older, the better. Websites with high domain authority tend to be older but consistently active.

Study their content and find ways to expand on their content in a way that benefits them.

After you have made a list of how you can provide value by expanding on their content email them and see if they’re interested in either referring to your content or you creating new content for them.

Here’s how you can analyze your competitor websites with Social Animal.

  1. Look for mentions of your own website that haven’t been linked to your website yet with Social Animal

When you consistently create content it’s only going to be a matter of time before you get noticed.

Websites might already have written about you without you even noticing. You can use Social Animals monitoring tools to find out if you’ve been mentioned by websites without them linking back to you.

In that case, you only have to contact them and ask them if they could add a link next to your name and you gain another backlink.

  1. Target influencers in your niche with the influencer feature of Social Animal

Search engines like big brands and often ranks them high so collaborating with influencers can be a good way to get quality backlinks. It could be trough podcasts, webinars, interviews etc.

You might be thinking they won’t collaborate with you if you don’t have a large audience but don’t underestimate what you can offer.

The fact that you are researching content marketing and acquiring backlinks can be a huge asset for an influencer.

Here’s how you can find influencers on social media.

You just need to highlight your skills and position yourself as someone that knows what they’re doing.

Rules when contacting targets about backlinks

Before you start link building let’s put up some ground rules. It’s in your best interest to stick to these rules because they increase the chances of getting backlinks and will help with building your brand.

  1. Always come offering value
    Link building should always end up being a win-win situation. Take some time to go through their website, see what they’re all about, and how your skill set can help them with achieving their goals.
  2. Don’t create content full of your own links or those of their competitors
    The worst thing you can do is create one big promotion for yourself or their competitors. This goes back to rule number one always come offering value. Just one link in your bio is fine.
  3. Always overdeliver
    Make it a habit to overdeliver. The more you build your brand and become known as someone that always over delivers the more doors will open for you.

You might not get a link from every website you come in contact with but having Social Animal stacks the deck heavily in your favor because you can find a lot more prospects in less time than aimlessly going through Google.

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