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#10yearschallenge in Content Marketing

Brands have been doing content marketing since the 18th Century. Content Marketing as an industry has seen phenomenal growth only after the digital wave hit in us in the early 21st century. A lot of changes have happened in how brands communicate with their audience and content marketing as a whole has transitioned in the […]

20 Easy Ways To Generate 100+ Blog Topics In An Hour

Coming up with blog titles and generating blog topics can be a real struggle with brainstorming ideas getting you only so far. When you’ve established yourself as a writer and publish content on a regular basis it’s easy to burn through your original list of topics in a short period. And this is when you […]

How to Perform Competitor Analysis in 8 Easy Steps

We live in a very competitive and fast-paced environment. Brands and Businesses must always be on the lookout for new ways and opportunities to gain an advantage in their industry. And, One foolproof way to get the upper hand is by keeping tabs on your competitors. What is the purpose of competitor analysis? Competitor research actually […]

How to Create Insanely Shareable content?

What makes people want to share content? That question might seem like a hard one to answer but the solution is pretty simple. Create outstandingly unique and informative content that stands out. And how do you do that? Read on to find what all the viral / highly shared content have in common and what […]

Why (and How) you should Curate content?

Today’s world of Digital Marketing demands that you produce quality content regularly to grow your audience. But creating fresh pieces of content every day can be hard work, not to mention the quality you’ll have to ensure in publishing articles in large amounts. You’ll also have a schedule to maintain, competitors to manage, Deadlines to […]