30 Long Term Benefits Of Content Marketing For Your Business

Content marketing this day is undeniably taking precedence as the most preferred form of marketing. 90% of businesses are already using content marketing to generate inbound leads. Many of your competitors would have shifted to content marketing and by now they might even be creating content on their success stories. So, what is content marketing? […]

How To Become A Successful Content Creator In 2020

The marketing industry is evolving big time and has been adapting to a lot of changes in the past decade. Traditional marketing is no more the only marketing option, particularly for companies whose audience is the millennials. These brands are choosing content marketing which aids them in interacting with their clients and helps build a […]

Twitter Best Practices For 2020

Twitter to many is the social media platform where news breaks! Over the years, this social media channel has transformed so much that we now tune into Twitter to get updates on any topic we search for. With over 330 million-plus users, Twitter is the best platform for a B2B brand to capitalize upon. From […]

The Best Content Curation Tools In 2020

Content curation is definitely a good technique to grow your audience and keep your social media feed active.  In 2020 it is going to get better with automation carrying most of the load that exhausts marketers. Millions of articles are being published on the internet on a daily basis.  To sift through this huge number […]

What makes a video go viral

A lot of B2B brands attempt to create viral videos but they end up creating content that promotes their product’s features or their company. This is because they lack the understanding of what makes a video go viral on YouTube. So, is there a way companies can communicate the value of their brand and reach […]

How to start your social media marketing agency

Social media marketing has been making waves for over a decade. What makes things more interesting is the millions of users signing up every day and the number of brands trying to capitalize on social media engagement. There are about 3.48 billion social media users in 2019, with the worldwide total growing by 288 million […]

Top 125 Content Marketing Influencers for 2019

Influencer Marketing is all the rage these days.  But have people have matured enough to choose the right kind of influencers instead of following celebrities? And who are these influencers who you really must follow? These influencers are thought leaders in their own way. They are people rely on relationships to build a brand or […]

How To Find Micro Influencers For Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Influencers have been affecting buyers since businesses began and not many understand the superpower an influencer wields – the power to make an audience trust your brand. Influencer Marketing has made the top B2B brands rethink their strategy towards promotion. But, how can small businesses micro influencers get the best out of marketing campaigns? This […]

Infographic: Avengers Endgame – Content Marketing Breakdown

Throughout the years, we met many Marvel superheroes who gained fantastic super powers. We traveled to space, discovered new galaxies, planets, and many unknown places. We also watched epic battles break out where our heroes always managed to defeat the villains. Avengers Endgame broke box-office records and sped to a staggering $1.2 billion weekend take. […]

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#10yearschallenge in Content Marketing

Brands have been doing content marketing since the 18th Century. Content Marketing as an industry has seen phenomenal growth only after the digital wave hit in us in the early 21st century. A lot of changes have happened in how brands communicate with their audience and content marketing as a whole has transitioned in the […]