Abortion Rights – What is happening and where is it happening?

There’s a war on abortion rights for women and it’s happening in the United States. A wave of laws was passed in 2019 stirring up one of the most divisive issues in America. Abortion bans keep popping up across the States, and many people are left to wonder where their states stand.

Here’s a look.

Note: Information current as of May 31.



Once upon a time, abortion was just basic healthcare and the services were marketed openly. Producing abortion pills were a booming business. People did not take to the streets to scream in protest and clinics posted advertisements about abortion on newspapers and even the radio.

That isn’t a fairytale and it all truly did happen in the mid 19th century according to Leslie Reagan’s 1996 book on abortion history.

It’s an entirely different story before and after the mid 19th century. The legality and availability of abortions were been threatened continuously by forces that would denigrate women’s basic fundamental rights.

When the United States gained independence, most states in the US, applied the English’s common laws to abortion. This meant that abortion was not permitted after the quickening (the start of fetal movements, felt 15–20 weeks after conception approx)

In 1900, abortion was considered a felony in every state. However, Some states included provisions that allowed abortions in limited circumstances like to protect the woman’s life or to terminate pregnancies arising from rape or incest.

Abortion and Religion:

In 1588, Pope Sixtus V declared all abortion murder. 3 years later, a new pope found this law “unworkable” and allowed early abortions.

300 years later, The Catholic Church under Pius IX declared all abortion murder again. Now, This standard that was declared in 1869, remains the official position of the church even now.

Who’s behind it now?

Janet Porter: An author, a radio talk show host and the founder of a network of organizations called Faith2Action.

The group identifies itself the “birthplace of the heartbeat bill” and Porter as the author.

According to Porter, “God first put this idea in my heart in November 2010. When a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected, It’s all about saving babies.”

Porter became the legislative director of Ohio Right to Life, successfully lobbying for restrictions and her home state was the first to introduce a “heartbeat bill” in 2011.

Conservatives: The anti-abortion movement was born, and is led largely by conservative religious groups.

How are people reacting? Here’s what we found!

There is a wealth of data out there ready to be collected and here’s what we found using Social Animal.

NOTE: All data points on this list were gathered using Social Animal.

When did the keyword/search term “Abortion rights” start trending?

Answer: July 2018(approx) – Since Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

Total Number of articles PUBLISHED with the keyword “abortion rights” since July 2018: 1985

Number of articles SHARED about “Abortion”: 2755

Number of articles PUBLISHED with keywords related to “abortion”: 20,852

The average number of shares for TOP articles featuring “Abortion rights”: 0.5 million shares

Shares Skyrocketed on:

  1. May 15th, 20194,249,744 shares – Alabama’s Republican governor, Kay Ivey, signed the legislation making abortion a crime at any stage of pregnancy on May 14th, 2019. 
  2. January 23rd, 20193,962,963 shares – New York passes a law allowing abortions at any time if the mother’s health is at risk on January 22nd, 2019.

Number of Twitter profiles that have “Pro-Life” in their bios: 18,000 (approx)

Number of Twitter profiles that have “Pro-Choice” in their bios: 5000 (approx)

Positive VS Negative Sentiments

People are drawn more to negative headlines than positive ones, says psychologist Tom Stafford. This “negativity bias” is clearly shown in the number of shares news articles received.

The Average number of shares for POSITIVE* articles: 0.8million

The Average number of shares for NEGATIVE* articles: A Whopping 1.3million

Most POPULAR Social Media used to vent: TWITTER

TOP hashtags that are trending:

TOP 10 articles with the most shares:

Article Title Total shares Authors of Top articles
Abortion now a constitutional right in the state0.6mAlec Gartner
Kansas Supreme Court Rules State Constitution Protects Right To Abortion0.5mCelia Llopis-Jepsen
Tape hints Kavanaugh opposes marriage equality, abortion rights0.5m Rachel Maddow
Idaho Bill Would Make Abortion “Murder,” Restore Human Rights for Unborn Babies0.5mMatt Donnelly
Netflix the Only Hollywood Studio to Speak Out in Attack Against Abortion Rights (EXCLUSIVE)0.4mGene Maddaus
Judge notes ‘sad irony’ of men deciding abortion rights as he blocks Mississippi abortion law0.4mEmanuella Grinberg
Supreme Court rules for anti-abortion clinics’ First Amendment rights0.3mStephanie Ebbs
Senator Proudly Describes How She Lectured 8th Graders on their Abortion Rights – Dan Bongino0.3mDan Bongino
NY Gov. Cuomo Vows He Won’t Sign the State Budget Until Abortion ‘Rights’ Are Expanded Through the 9th Month0.2mBrittany M. Hughes
Madison County first court in the U.S. to recognize an aborted fetus as a person with rights0.2mSingleterry

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Top Domains and authors with the most engagement



Top DomainsNumber of articles on “abortion”Maximum shares received
Lifenews.com2914 articles0.4million
Liveaction.com 1382 articles 1.1 million
Foxnews.com909 articles 1.1 million
Dailywire.com730 articles 0.5 million
Breitbart.com539 articles 1.3 million

Top Authors with the most engagement for the keyword “abortion”

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Author Number of articles that contain the keyword “abortion”Maximum shares received Writes primarily for
Kate Smith43 articles0.4 millionCbs News
Kirsten West Savali5 articles1.3 millionEssence.com
Dan Margolies19 articles0.5 millionkcur.org

We Have No Idea How Scary Our Abortion Future Will Get.

What does the future for abortion rights look like?

Let’s just say that there is no guarantee that the supreme court will protect the right to terminate a pregnancy.

Abortion still remains legal in some states, because many advocates have sued to stop these measures, and courts have recognized that the laws are clearly unconstitutional.

The right-to-choose in America is under serious threat with an increasingly conservative Supreme Court, there could be devastating consequences if Roe v Wade is overturned.

For those who are curious, here’s how we used Social Animal to get all that data

  • A simple search for articles under the keywords – “abortion” and “abortion rights” led us to the sheer number of shares received, other related keywords, and people related to the above-mentioned keywords.

  • We then analyzed the number of shares for different articles using the Positive/Negative/Neutral Sentiments feature.
  • We also found how celebrities identified themselves(as mentioned in the infographic) using Social Animal’s Influencer feature, which also allowed us to determine the number of Twitter profiles that identify as “Pro-life” or “Pro-Choice”.
  • This led us to “Insights”, which told us the exact dates when maximum shares occurred, top domains and top authors for that keyword based on the number of shares they’ve received.

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